I help celebrate love because I believe that’s why we are here in this world.

-Christopher Plaza

From Bumble to Bride

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Photographed by Julia Zave

Sun & sea, together for eternity

Anna & Mitch get hitched at the site of one of their first dates.

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Photographed by Pati Laylle

Powerful stories start with beauty

Whimsical romance from the pages of a storybook



Photographed by Pati Laylle

Julia is a mermaid on Instagram.
She married her prince on Miami Beach.


Photographed by Brian Storey and Christopher Plaza

Cocktails sizzle with an injection of color and elegant warmth. 

Spring flowers bring life to ultra-modern spaces.


Photographed by Jeremy Mason

An ostentatious tropical surprise for a true bird-of-paradise, Anna's Birthday was hand-crafted with a splash of color and a dash of fun.

"Christopher made my birthday so special! I had friends and happy flowers everywhere.
My first birthday in Miami couldn't have been better."



Photographed by Jeremy Mason